How does our professional team work?

This is how we do our outstanding work, simple, and straight forward

We listen

We listen to your ideas and thought, think, brain storm, alot!, we convert them to digital ideas, then we share them with you.

Develop and Test

After you feel that we fully understand the requirmments, we start the development process, we test, then share every step with you.

Try it yourself

After testing, the next but not the last step is delivery and training, we deliver and teach your team how to use it. Don't worry, we will stay around always.

Make it to the first base

Just think about it, we are always ready to develop almost any kind of system to any industry, we assure you that our systems will be built with the latest technologies available and tested to the limits to ensure a smooth run over a very long period.

  • Responsive Designes
  • Modern Layouts
  • Retina Ready
  • English and Arabic
  • Web and Mobile Ready
  • Desktop Based

No stress. Only what you need.

Check our portfolio, and we assure you that we worth it!.

We are here for you

We don't just leave after a successfull run we stay and satisfy

We love to share!

Here are some statistics on who we really are, how much we worked and what we did, it might not be alot, but we assure you that its a success.

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Services we provide

Here is a list of our services

ERP Systems

ERP system, designed to organize all resources and activities needed in the business.

Desktop Applications

Looking for system that works on Microsoft Operating System or even MAC. With certain features and functions.

Web Applications

Using ASP.Net, or PHP to build dynamic websites, web applications and all kind of web services for B2B and B2C.

Smart Devices Applications

Working faster and smarter with solutions for smart devices like iPhone, BB, and Android or tablets.

Network Solutions

Set up your business network and share access all computers to the internet, printers and other devices to reduce cost.

Website Development

Plan, Design then Develop your own website and launch it online to facilitate your business and gain more benefits.

Logo Design

Create your own business logo design or office stationery with unlimited logo revisions until you are satisfied with the design.

Design your System

Here's where you can come and build up your own customized system from scratch or customize a pre-designed system.

Digital Marketing

Well, Radio, TV, Magazines, old Marketing methods don't work any more, we will put you in the Digital world.

Take a look at our portfolio

Here is some of what we did, and it's growing day by day Click here to see it all

Our amazing clients

A few of our clients

Microchips Est.® has a verity of clients, with all kind of web applications, websites, networking, mobile applications, and real time desktop systems.

Why Microchips

See why we are special, you will feel the difference, we will be a part of your team

We have products based solutions Ready to run.

As all of IT products, we have two type of products, Readymade systems, like Human Resources, Correspondence Control for Incoming and Outgoing, Documents Archiving, Documents Process Workflow, Point of sale systems, Inventory Control, and many others.

The point here is that those system are built according to Saudi and International standards that still can be configured and customized according to your requirements.

Creative Inteligent Smart Standardized

We own the code, so we make it Clean!.

Writing code in an IT solution falls in to categories: Rapid, and Intelligent, What We mean here is if the code is Rapid, its rubbish! We keep our codes intelligent, that is why all of our products are optimized to run on all modern devices.

As much as possible, you won’t need to have multiple applications to run in iPad, Android and web, the same thing will run in all of them.

Creative Inteligent Smart Standardized

Staff is important, so we choose them right.

These days, getting an IT staff that knows what he doing is a real bargain! Everyone study IT and takes a small development course and they think they have it all!

We always select our staff after a very tough testing and exams, we really push it here, and we don’t take chances!

Creative Inteligent Smart Standardized

This what makes us Special! Enjoy.

Transparency is our main goal in all projects, we don’t take advantage that clients don’t know IT! Wee, most of them, we always be part of the team, and we keep everything in the table without any hidden agenda.

We love to be transparent, this is how we do business, and this is how we think it must be done, it really create the trust with our clients that everyone needs.

Creative Inteligent Smart Standardized

No need to have an IT We will make it very easy!

I’m sure you heard about SAS, Software as a service, this means that a product will run perfectly on you organization without the need for you to have any kind of IT infrastructure.

The Internet speed is great now, simply, we put your products on the cloud, which is the internet, and there you go, fully functional product without any IT infrastructure.

Creative Inteligent Smart Standardized