Health Care Solution

Patients Management System

PMS allows you to manage your patints and clinic in a easy modren way with full control over diffrent aspect of the buisness the system gives your dashboard , a reporting system to keep track of your clinic and patints, integrate your website appointments with the system. and alot more...

Remember the system is fully customizable to meet your requirements and needs and take your buisness to the next level tell you what why dont you try it your self and give us a call.

Clean Modren & simple to use

The modern colorful animated design gives the system an easy usage rate.

Diagnosis system

The doctors have the choice to record their diagnosis through the system by pointing on images of the human body , face ,and even threir dentals see last three images in the slider above.


Diffrent kind of reports about the clinic allowing you to monitor your business very easily , the system also gives the user the choice to export any table to excel,pdf,or whatever the user prefer.

Invoices with VAT

fully customizable invoices with VAT already integrated with fully saudi arabia VAT laws.

Full SMS notifications

The system sends sms notifications to confirm appointments and reminders for appointment and test results.

Patients Management

Get full control over the patients their results , appointments , who is in the clionic , who didnt shoe ,who canceled and so forth.


Appointments can be done through the system and patients can book appointments through the website.


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Inovative design

Animations Included.

Appointments Clinic & website Appointments

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